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Welcome to "3D Imaging" this CGI logo company delivers custom text to animation service. Where your 2D logo design ideas can be brought to life as full-blooded glossy 3 D animations. Please check the example below. We were presented with an existing static 2D logo that was to be made into a 3D text animation. It was given the classic rotating letter 3D logos design in centre stage in with a weighty slow rotation making a statement of intent of the quality of the presentation that will follow on from it.

3D Animated Text: Glossy production values to your Corporate Logo Design

3D text animation work when done well. It adds a sense of class to a the beginning of a production giving the viewer a heightened expectation of the level of quality of the presentation it is proceeding. Please contact us for an idea of cost by clicking here letting us know your 3D text animation requirements.

3 D Animation Player Loading...

We have a CGI animation concept to hit the mark with your 3D brand design requirements for your company logo. We understand your corporate logo design plays a huge part in the perception of your brand image.

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