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Welcome to “3D Imaging” a good source for 3D Museum Tours. UK has been our base since we started up in 1999. We have rendered many¬†3D CGI Tours for Museums including this Abbey 3D Virtual Tour. It was for the Welsh commissioners for Museum Exhibits that we produced This 3D museum film. UK history is a great subject for virtual animated graphics as this 3D museum film demonstrates. The museum virtual tour is historically and architecturally accurate to a tee. It’s subject Tintern Abbey still engenders interest from around the globe for its splendid form. 3D Imaging‘s 3D Museum Film shows the Abbey off as it was in 1320AD visualising the Cistercian splendour of the towering vaulted roofs and the impressive structure. The Historical CGI animation includes a host of animated monk characters as they pursue their rituals and duties. See the finished animation here.

Virtual Tour of the Titanic or a Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace

The same technological process could be applied to a virtual tour of the titanic or a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. A Titanic virtual tour could show the usage of different areas of the ship complete with 3D people representing the different classes of passengers and crew. The Buckingham Palace virtual tour could show rooms which the public is not normally allowed in a 3D walkthrough with a commentary describing the usage and how its changed over time.

Musem Film 3D
Musem Film 3D
August 30, 2016

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