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Animating Architecture Images and Displays

Consult us at 3D Imaging, for your requirements in animated architectural illustration. First see our Gallery of animation and display imaging for architects. Then use our experience to cover the options you want, in animating architecture images and displays!

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Here are some examples of architectural illustration possibilities making use of 3d modelling and animation - relevant to architecture, building construction and the planning needs or your clients:

  • Rendered elevations and plans

  • Interior renderings of a renovated building transformed into a restaurant. This page describes the benefits of 3D rendering as the tool of a Virtual Room Decorator and how we can Scan Technical Drawing then Render 3D Illustrations and Walkthroughs from this

  • Generated simulated views of a development - showing it in relation to pre-surveyed site topology, landscaping and so on

  • Architectural visualization of commercial building or visualisation of commercial development.

  • An animated "transform", from a two- to a three-dimensional representation

  • Panoramas, site perimeter traveres - and home-ins from a high viewpoint, or from site surroundings

  • Aerial views and viewing

  • Site tours, walkthroughs and flythroughs - for communication to clients and planners, and for general marketing purposes

  • Virtual reality representations - making use of avatar, and collision, concepts

  • Rendering options - for selection, by Client, of materials, textures and colours

  • Cutaways, and exploded or part-exploded views - showing novel materials or construction

  • Linear route traverses of a site, as needed for environmental impact assessment

  • Conceptual site transformations - from an undeveloped to a developed state - using wipes, fades, cuts or dissolves to show change from a "before", to an "after", situation.

  • The animated stages of construction, for a phased development

  • The possible occupation phases, for letting options - or multiply-occupied completed development

  • Representation of typical site activity, or traffic - using auxiliary human or vehicular models

  • The "living uses of a site" - shown by "cinematic", or social, events illustrating the centralised relocation of previously dispersed units, or activities, onto a single site - by use of animation, panning and zooming-in.


animating architecture images

visualization commercial building

3d modelling building

exploded cutaways

Animated Architectural Illustration

animated stages of construction

And here are examples of additional services that we provide:

  • Animated presentations for public exhibitions, or for marketing events- e.g. for use with plasma screen display.

  • Other specialised demonstrations and presentations, done to special order

  • Addition of commentary, music, or other sound feature or dimension - to your completed animated presentation.

  • "Portable" animated marketing materials - for field sales, website display, or for remote download

  • Supply of stereo pairs (as still, or moving, images) - for projection,or for direct viewing

  • Graphics needed for planning purposes - for applications, appeals and public inquiries.

  • Education and training materials: architecture, planning, construction, property development, and the built environment.

  • Creation of inventive infrastructures, for science fiction work

In the above, we have provided you with a range of architectural illustration possibilities to consider. Hopefully, you will find here what you are looking for! If not, these lists should help trigger further thoughts, on what you may really need.

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