Computer Animation and Accident Reconstruction

Welcome to the UK 3D CGI Movies Company "3D Imaging". We are a high-tech company whose team of 3D Dimensional Artists produce Computer Animation and Accident Reconstruction. We excel in the accuracy, honesty and dependability of our portrayals. Our experts have deep knowledge of Physics the basis of simulations of crashes. We can provide you a valuable tool for accurately visualising incidents using forensic information. CGI (computer generated imagery) movies can be used to communicate expert opinions in legal situations.

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  • Data from the authorities have collected from the scene of accidents such as the relative speeds and directions of travel of vehicles can be used to accurately recreate the sequence of events of for example a road traffic accident.
  • The use of Aerial photographic images, video footage shot from different angles at ground level and aerially can be joined together with computer animation so that the exact lay of the land and sequence of events surrounding an accident can be clearly shown from every perspective.
  • At the scene of accidents 3D special effects can be used to create the effect of weather systems that obstructs vision, such as haze, mist, smog, rainfall and snowfall. Also varied forms of vegetation that may have played a part in a disaster can be put in place to provide realism.
  • The computer animation and accident reconstruction material can be processed and distributed on a wide variety of media e.g. DVD, VHS, CD-ROM, the internet.
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Computer Animation and Accident Reconstruction
  • Using 3 dimensional CGI technology has advantages over two dimensional accident reconstruction in that the incident can be viewed from all angles giving an clearer picture of the succession of how things happened.

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