This page contains Cool 3D Pictures of Fast Cars that were produced for an 3D car racing games Xbox 360 magazine advert. Welcome to 3D Imaging a UK based 3D Visualization Company that produces Hot Cars 3d polygon rendering in c and also 3D Backgrounds Images of Cool Cars. We are amongst the 3D rendering companies that use a Virtual Reality Systerm to make Muscle Cars 3D Trippy Art.
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3D fast cars

The client required advanced 3D authoring and programming of an Exotic Sports Cars 3D Rendering for a magazine advertisement to be placed in a computer games magazine across a double A4 page advert. The Classic Cars 3D Visual was rendered at this A3 size at 300 dpi making it measure 5000 pixels or dots across. The 3 dimensional Custom Cars were labelled from clients illustrator .eps files and bitmaps and additional 3 D textures were hand made and added to the Computer Graphics Street Cars Modelling results. These Virtual 3D Visual Super Cars could have had human 3D models driving them but the customer preferred tinted 3D Sport Car windows on the VR vehicle imagery.

Our graphic agency customer was asking what are the 3 dimensional computer model vehicle’s benefits over creating similar imagery in other ways such as 2D painting in Photoshop and manipulation of photographs. The main ones are:

  • Speed of production
  • Accuracy of perspective dimensions
  • Ease of adjustments of all kinds i.e. Lighting, Point of view, Shapes of vehicles

The future of 3D imaging rendering CT is to replace more traditional ways of creating imagery. The producer of virtual reality rides uses the exactly the same technology to provide 3dimensional content for Virtual Reality Ride Manufacturers which could be for example on a super hero virtual reality Matrix type of subject.