Technical Animated Video and Animation Engineering Visualisation

High-tech and mechanical animation made from your CAD models using an extensive render farm.

3D Technical Visuals

A whole pipeline solution for industry to market, explain or educate. Engineering animation videos suitable for promoting and explaining new electronic gadgets, aerospace, oil and gas and mining technologies.

Importing 3D CAD Models

We use the complex surfaces you’ve spent time creating in your favourite 3D CAD package. Use of this data is┬ádone without mending or adjusting the shapes. We can accept Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit & Navisworks, Dassault Systemes Solidworks & CATIA, Siemens Solid Edge, PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer), NX Unigraphics (UG).

Cloud Rendering

For major projects or those with tight timescales, we use cloud rendering. The massive computing power of 1000s of machines speeds production. This facility produces images and animation at an astounding rate.

Scientific Background

Our founder Geoff Hodbod has a Physics degree from Durham University. 20 years of producing graphics and animation for the Scientific and Engineering fields. So is well qualified to interpret your technical brief. Taking it through animation production.

Secure web based approval

Customers have access to an online platform for giving comments and annotations. This tool communicates revisions to specific parts of videos with pinpoint accuracy. We give two rounds of revisions of each stage of a project. Giving ample opportunity to make a production as it should be.

3D CAD Engineering Drawing to Technical Illustration & Business Video 3D

Congratulations for finding the business video 3D service that will exceed your expectations with all your 3D able linkage joint. 3D Animation is a great alternative to product photography as the 3D visualnimation product visualization needs. Please take a look below at the product shots of a displacea results produced are crystal clear in their perfection. Of all the 3D animation companies available to you we provide interchangeable services to video production companies when it comes down to showing off your product creation in acorporate video 3D animation.

Animated Video Approval

Import shapes from your 3D CAD assembly parts

CAD Software

PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer)
Importing the highest hierarchy assembly file .asm is workable. As an alternative, we can use the highest in the hierarchy .neu.asm Neutral assembly file or a STEP file.

3D Design Product Shots: a Replacement for Product Photography

When your product development cycle hasn’t yet reached the phase of a finished production design then a quality 3D technical illustration and product visualization work can save the day when you need a stunning 3D illustration of the product designs. These images of the boot shown are completely produced via 3D computer modelling. Yes a computer graphic artist has slaved over these initially working on the internal structure of the 3D CAD modelsthen producing believable surface coatings that really sell the 3D image. This kind of 3D picture once produced can be used as a digital asset to be used on a 3D website section or shown in 360 degree rotation within a corporate video production.

Click 3D Product Shots to Enlarge:

Illustration Product Visualization
Illustration Product Visualisation

3D Technical Illustration
3D Technical Illustration

3D Business Video Production Technical Illustration

Business Video Production
Business Video Production

3D Walkthrough Corporate Video London Technical

Corporate Video London
Corporate Video London
September 27, 2016