Engineering Animation Videos by Explainer Video Production Company

First of all welcome to 3D Imaging an explainer video production company.  Above all, we specialise in high-tech, mechanical engineering animation videos. Of course, we can make these using your existing CAD models and our extensive render farm.

Engineering Animation Videos

In the first place, we offer a whole pipeline solution. Thus manufacturing industry can use this to market, explain or educate. Hence we produce engineering animation videos suitable for promoting and demonstrating new gadgets. Moreover, we make these videos for aerospace, oil and gas and mining technologies.

Importing 3D CAD Models

In fact we use the complex surfaces you’ve spent time creating in your 3D CAD package. We use this data without amending or adjusting the shapes. We accept: Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit & Navisworks, Dassault Systemes Solidworks & CATIA, Siemens Solid Edge, PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer), NX Unigraphics (UG).

Cloud Rendering of Engineering Animation Videos

So for major projects or those with tight timescales, we use cloud rendering. In any event the massive computing power of 1000s of machines speeds production. In essence this facility produces images and animation at an astounding rate.

Scientific Background

Our founder Geoff Hodbod has a Physics degree from Durham University. Next, he has spent two decades creating engineering scientific graphics & animation. In conclusion, he is well qualified to interpret your technical brief. In short taking it all the way to full finished animation.

In Brief: Secure web based approval

Here, customers have access to an online platform for giving comments and annotations. To sum up, this tool conveys revisions to specific parts of videos with pinpoint accuracy. In conclusion, we give two rounds of revisions of each stage of a project. Altogether giving ample opportunity to make the animation as it should be.

Engineering animation videos approval process

Import shapes from your 3D CAD assembly parts

CAD Software

Solidworks by Dassault Systems
We import the Solidworks Assembly file .sldasm  and many of the formats that Solidworks exports that conserve the integrity of the shapes.

CAD Software

Solid Edge by Siemens
We can bring in the the .asm assembly file or an exported .stp file with the appropriate ap214 setting.

CAD Software

Inventor by Autodesk
We can import the Inventor standard assembly structures with the extension *.iam or lower level part files.

CAD Software

PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer)
Importing the highest hierarchy assembly file .asm is workable. As an alternative, we can use the highest in the hierarchy .neu.asm Neutral assembly file or a STEP file.

CAD Software

NX Unigraphics now by Siemens
Please export from Siements NX a .jt or .stp file with the ap214 setting.

CAD Software

Catia by Dassault  Systems
We import either .igs or .stp files from Catia.

CAD Software

The Rino .3dm format is great for importing their NURBS surfaces.

CAD Software

Autodesk’s AutoCAD or Revit & Navisworks
For Autodesk’s design flagships please supply the advanced .dwf-3d format. Perfect for keeping the integrity of your design when used for animation work.


Our animation team creates memorable 3D 2D animated business marketing videos. These are made for a wide range of industry sectors and to the agencies we’ve collaborated with on a white label basis. Our 3D modelling animation work covers producing memorable characters, engineering animation videos, phone application demonstrations and special effects. Whatever needs for image 3D innovation we can producing moving pictures that will be features of your marketing efforts for years to come.


We have the capability to use product assemblies that you give us  from all the main CAD programs such as Autodesk Inventor, Catia, AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, Navisworks, Pro Engineer, UG NX, Soilid Edge without remodelling work.



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September 27, 2016