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Engineering Animation Videos
Engineering Animation Videos
3D Character Design
3D Character Design
A clear, tried and tested production process with fixed cost well-defined quotations. Our passion is producing incredible 3D animation in the UK. Both local global businesses have felt the benefit of these services. We make your ideas clear to customers!


We are 3D Imaging offering Animated Video Production Services

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Showreel of 3D animation work for businesses showing unique selling points of new products, safety videos showing animated characters performing tasks

Stunning Animated Videos

A 3D animation company based in the UK specialising in the best quality animated video production for a wide range of global and UK-focused companies.

We always produce work that hits the mark in terms of inspirational graphical quality and the correct production time. From the very beginning, we have your business goals in mind. Melding a project that will perfectly fulfil your business goals fitting with your current corporate image.

We may live in the technical world of 3D animation production but we always communicate with you in common language that you’ll understand. We stick to timescales and are always picking up new ways of doing things.

We love to please the customer with sparkling freshly produced animation. Choose use to portray your vision.

3D Animation Company Competing with Animation Studios London:

  • 3D Animation UK production including Character 3D and Animation Logo Design
  • 3D Virtual Product Visualisations and Animation in 3D Virtual Tours UK
  • Conceptual Computer Generated Images
  • Architectural Walkthroughs
  • Rendered Images for Print
  • Art Gallery promotions.
  • Exhibition Presentations
  • 3D Characters and 3D Video for Web Design integration into such sites as kids cartoon websites
  • Animations 3D for Video, DVD, Television, Film, CD-ROMs and the web
  • Digital Compositing of live action footage with CG elements.
Architecural Visualization3D Architectural Visualisation Manchester. Click to get in touch.
cgi footballers3D Character Artist Service Click this to get in touch.

Script writing is part of our service. Passing us a primary draft of your script can result in improvements. We’ll make it flow in a natural way whilst remaining persuasive.

Your direction, existing corporate image and any sketches given, will guide our team. They will create an example still image to show the proposed style and design. We’ll run this by you and alter when necessary. We use this as a template for the whole motion graphics sequence.

You’ll receive a storyboard or a clear list of what is to occur at what timing. We take your response on board then readjust before approval. This service makes sure your we tell your stories in the right way. A solid basis to for animation films production at the end of the process.

It’s important to get the right feel for the voice track of our production films. So we arrange for a broad range of artists to supply their service samples to you by email. Agree on that special talent that your target audience will enjoy. Then we will the hire the talent, manage the recording process, edit and polish the audio. This wealth of talent will cover your needs for whichever span of languages and English accents you need to include for example British, American and Australian.

Now we use our image software to start the animator motion graphic production. We connect the animation timing to the voice over, and background music beat. You can view the results on your screen. We make Revisions based on your response if necessary.

Lay out storyboard

Initially, with we’ll work up a hand-drawn storyboard or list of events that are to show in what order with timings that coincide with particular parts of a voice over or onscreen text that can only be read by the viewer comfortably at a certain speed. Feedback is taken onboard to the point of sign-off. These then provide a good firm basis for proceeding with the first steps of the animation production process.

Animation Storyboard 3D

Secure web based approval

Customers have access to an online platform for giving comments and annotations. This tool communicates revisions to specific parts of videos with pinpoint accuracy. We give two rounds of revisions of each stage of a project. Giving ample opportunity to make a production as it should be.

Animated Video Approval

Blue-chip, SME and Kickstarter companies all profit by our Explainer Videos

British CGI geniuses who convert ideas into art. Their creative solution gave new form and motion to Today Translations’ trademarked globe. They later localised it for the Chinese market.

David Clarke
Today Translations

You recently completed a short piece of animation for use in a demonstrator. The finished article’s accuracy to the script was exemplary. Delivering the project to cost and early. They were a pleasure to work with at all times. Straightforward, responsive and efficient.

Rob Gerig
Advocate for Animation in Education

You provided Lucid with outstanding eye catching animations. These communicated our design concepts to our clients in a very clear way. Our customers appreciate this strategic tool. They use it for internal discussion, external marketing and promotions.

Carl Stone
Director, Lucid Group

I have no hesitation in recommending your excellent computer generated graphics. You carried out many projects for me in this specialised field. Additionally, you assisted me with implementing search engine optimisation for a client. An excellent company and accomplished at what they do.

Simon Cocker
Sales, Marketing & Digital Coach, Voodoo Agency

We’re delighted with the animation produced for our collapsible luggage product. It turned out better than we could have hoped. Throughout the process, you gave brilliant communication, Accommodating all our requests. We won’t hesitate to use you again for future animations.

Christian Cook
CEO, Néit

Managed to image the brief based on a single photo for me, for a high profile advert that we were required to reconstruct in 3d. The results were spectacular. Managed to pull off the wire frame and the render in just a few days. They were professional and punctual. Recommended!

Jake Purches
Owner, Base2 Studio 3D

Re-created a road traffic accident Scene for me that helped visually demonstrate the circumstances of the car crash.
They very quickly picked up via telephone conversation my requirements to 3D model the events. They understood the technical aspect of my traffic accident claims case surprisingly well, considering they were engaged by phone.
The finished traffic accident reconstruction video was exactly as I wanted and helped me to win my traffic accident compensation case.

Zahoor Ahmed
Project Manager, Atlas Consortium

Very good service for graphic 3D manipulation.

Tony Stallard

Skills applied across diverse areas of industry

Innovative Kickstarter Start-Ups

Mobile App Development / Telecom

Health Service / Medicine

Property Marketing / Building Information Modelling

Military Hardware Training

Event Management and Hospitality Provision

Property Marketing / Estate Agents

Education / School / College / University

Non-Profit Charities & Business Associations

Legal and Accountant Companies

Anti-Cyber Crime Hacker Suppression

Countrywide Courier Services / Global Airlines

HR / Recruiting

Bars, Eating Places & Night Clubs

Financial Investment / Systems / Debit & Cards / Suppliers Developing Financial Technology

Website Design / PR Agency Collaboration

2D Animation

Visual Communication


Our team creates memorable 3D 2D animated business videos. We make these for a wide range of industry sectors. Also supplying the agencies we’ve collaborated with on a white label basis. Our 3D modelling animation work covers producing memorable characters. Also engineering animation videos, phone application demonstrations and special effects. We use the latest software innovation. So we can produce moving pictures that will be features of your marketing efforts for years to come.


We have the capability to use product assemblies that you give us. These can be from CAD programs such as Autodesk Inventor, Catia, AutoCAD, Rhino. Also including Revit, Navisworks, Pro Engineer, UG NX, Solid Edge. Remodelling work won’t be necessary.



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